Selamawit “Selam” Abebe has always been passionate about cooking. When she was a little girl, she spent hours in the kitchen of her parent’s restaurant in Addis Ababa, making a mess but learning delicious traditional Ethiopian recipes. Today, she's still the same little girl playing in the kitchen. She remains faithful to the Ethiopian traditions, flavors, and ingredients which are organic and local.

When she came to the United States, Selam kept her magic touch in the kitchen. However, making the Injera that she always has using US-grown Teff flour was a challenge. Long before she even dreamed of starting a restaurant, she knew that US-made Injera requires self-rising flour, which is unhealthy and leaves people bloated, causing many to stop eating Ethiopian cuisine. It also lacked the true Ethiopian taste. Hence, she experimented for years, late night after work and during the weekends.

After years of experimentation, Selam discovered the healthiest, authentic injera. Beyond the taste, it didn't make people feel bloated. Her recipe became the reason why she, her family and many other Ethiopians started consuming Ethiopian cuisine again in The Windy City.